About Quality Management System Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

A Beacon of Excellence in Nepal

At Quality Management System Nepal Pvt. Ltd., we understand that achieving a standard is not just about acquiring a certificate; it’s about building a culture of continuous improvement, robust quality, and unparalleled excellence. As Nepal’s premier provider of ISO certifications, our commitment goes beyond mere compliance. We endeavor to facilitate the rise of businesses, institutions, and organizations to international benchmarks, shaping Nepal’s presence on the global stage.

Global Recognition through Top Accreditations 

We pride ourselves on offering certifications from the world’s leading accreditation bodies, including IAS, UAF, JAS-ANZ, and UKAS. Our partnerships ensure that the certifications you receive are not only recognized in Nepal but also have a resounding impact worldwide.

Steps for ISO Certification with Quality Management System Nepal Pvt. Ltd.:

  1. Initial Consultation: Understand the needs of your organization and identify the right ISO standard for your business objectives.
  2. Gap Analysis: Assess your existing processes against the chosen ISO standard to determine areas of improvement.
  3. Customized Training: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills necessary to align with the ISO standards through our specialized training programs.
  4. Implementation Assistance: Work closely with our consultants to align your processes, practices, and policies with the requisite ISO standards.
  5. Internal Audit: Once the implementation is complete, an internal audit will be conducted to ensure processes are consistent and up to par with the ISO standards.
  6. Certification Audit: Our team of expert auditors will review your organization’s conformity to the ISO standard. This is a two-stage process – the first evaluates your readiness, and the second verifies full compliance.
  7. Certification Award: Upon successful completion of the certification audit, you will be awarded the ISO certificate, marking your commitment to excellence and quality.
  8. Continuous Support: Even after certification, our relationship doesn’t end. We offer periodic audits and continuous support to ensure you remain compliant and ahead of the curve.

Quality Management System Nepal Pvt. Ltd. isn’t just a certification provider; we are your partners in progress. Join us in our mission to uplift Nepal’s industries and organizations to global standards of quality and excellence.


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